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  • Mike wrote the bassline for Longview while he was high and forgot it the next day.
  • Mike has a sister named Myla.
  • Mike took the picture of himself in the Nimrod booklet.
  • Mike smoked his first joint with his mom's friend.
  • Mike Dirnt is the part-owner of Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe in Emeryville, California. Emeryvillie is between Berkeley and Oakland.
  • Mike and Billie Joe are both wearing work shirts that say "Chuck" in two music videos, Mike in Basketcase and Billie Joe in Redundant.
  • Mike Dirnt completed a years worth of college courses after high school.
  • On the back cover of the green day booklet for Dookie, there is a picture of Mike Dirnt looking in the mirror. If you look in the mirror, you can partially see the person taking the picture.
  • Mike was born with a heart problem and sometimes has panic attacks.
  • Mike's adoptive parents divorced when he was 6.
  • Mike once rented a small part of Billie's house to live in during high school.
  • Mike got mistaken for a ambushing fan at Woodstock 1994, and a security guard kicked him and knocked a couple of his teeth out.
  • Mike actually believes that one day dogs will take over the world (remember the Dookie cover?)
  • In the self titled New Found Glory CD inlay it thanks Green Day and the bass player has a special thanx to Mike "...and Mike Dirnt for the influence...".
  • Mike likes donuts and hotel coffee, and Starbucks coffee aswell, maybe just coffee in general.
  • Mike likes to have those little packages of donuts on tour.
  • Mike dressed up as a vampire, or as he said "Count Mikeula", for Halloween 2004.

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